World Urban Parks is constituted (World Urban Parks Constitution) as a non-governmental, non-profit membership-based peak body. From commencement on 1 April 2015, initial directors were appointed from full members.

Governance by full members is conducted at Annual General Meetings (AGM) and other General Meetings. Every three years, from 15 August 2016, or as there are vacancies, at an AGM full members elect Board directors representative of membership categories, regions, and skills (see Table 1).

The board appoints the Chair and Executive for annual terms, and may co-opt non-voting directors. The chairperson chairs the Executive, Board, and General Meetings of Members.


The Constitution of the organization is the document that explains in detail how the World Urban Parks is formed, its membership, general statutes and legal aspects. In addition to the Constitution we invite you to know the different policies that govern the organization.



General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for World Urban Parks is being held electronically every August. The AGM is always held via an electronic survey so that all members will have over a week to participate at their convenience. 

The AGM provides an opportunity for members to see, comment on and approve:


  • the annual report of World Urban Parks for the year
  • the audited financial reports for the year
  • the approval of Board Appointments
  • other items the Board needs to bring to membership as designated in the World Urban Parks constitution