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WUP Congress

Don't miss out on one of the largest international gatherings of park and recreation professionals! Discover more about our annual World Parks Congress!

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Parks Week

Parks Week is an event that helps promote and support the effective provision, management, and use of urban parks, open space, and recreation around the world as an integral contribution to healthy, globally connected communities.

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Other Events

In this section you will find different events and activities of organizations around the world.

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Discover the events and activities that are happening around the world and get involved.


Emerging Urban Leaders

This initiative will create a network that includes architects, urban planners, community organizers, and conservationists, who are matched with mentors to develop innovative solutions

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Signature Programs

The signature programs of the WUP are based on the axis lines attached to the strategic planning of the organization and seek to create better urban parks in the cities of the world.

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World Parks Academy

The World Parks Academy (seeks to unite national certification systems by providing the first international competency-based certification programs for the parks and recreation industry.

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Parks Corps

Parks Corps seeks to unite urban park professionals and empower them to create partnerships of the future.

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