Ageing, Well-being and Parks

Older adults make up an increasing percentage of the population in many countries and often, as we age, parks become increasingly inaccessible. Therefore, although parks are public spaces should connect individuals of all ages and backgrounds, we need to ensure that these spaces are truly accessible for all to enjoy.

What do we do?

The Older Adults and Parks Committee is set up to advocate for and champion change, leading to best practice in government policy, professional design, park presentation and community engagement.

     Future Directions

  • Propose design survey methods for promoting intergenerational well-being
  • Share regional issues, share best research and practice concerning ageing and parks into a global framework
  • Involve more regions into inter
  • Regional surveys on ageing and parks to and contribute to the WUP global knowledge base
  • Re-frame urban parks in more holistic salutogenic urban ageing design context - Invite speakers to the committee to share good practice and case studies.


Gil Penalosa

Tim Geyer

Maria Zachariades

Doolin O’Reilly

Karl Nesbitt

Luis Romahn

Allison Coleman

Stephanie Firestone

Drilon Lleshi

Brigitte Loewenthal

Erja Rappe

Chris Moran

Bishop Ngobeli

Jacques Cedras

Kevin Halpenny

Ryo Suzuki

Willie Nel

Jenny Veitch

Maliga Naidoo

Danielle M Arigoni

Tamara Björkqvist

Pazit Levinger

Julie Kay

Garrett Blair

Tiff Cunin

Amber Smith

Maria Zachariades


Masamichi Tamura


Do you want to be part of us?

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