World Parks Week 2022

Is an opportunity for us to share how and in what ways we are connecting
to the World Urban Parks 10/20/30!

Celebrate our parks and green spaces. The week is organized to:

Communicate the critical importance of parks in a global context

Promote best practices by learning from other parks services

Encourage people to enjoy nature and appreciate the importance of green space while maintaining physical distancing

About this edition

For World Parks Week 2022 we want the parks and recreation sector to emerge stronger than ever out of COVID-19! To that end, we want to encourage 10/20/30, a concept involving…

Everyone having a park within a 10-minute safe and accessible walk

Everyone accessing all their basic needs within a 20-minute walk

Incorporating these principles into existing cities and the way of planning and creating new communities globally by 2030.


Create and share

World Urban Parks intends to work with the following World Urban Parks Advocacy Committees to create and share resources that support and advocate for the importance and significance of World Parks Week and urban parks: These resources will be material that promote the benefit of parks from the benefit of their committees.


Promote public life

World Urban Parks will provide partners with resources to help promote World Parks Week (COVID Expert Park Panel). These resources will include a social media package that can be used for promotion leading up to and during World Parks Week. Partners will advocate and promote World Parks Week to their members and audiences.


Participate and be a part

World Urban Parks is looking to incorporate webinars during World Parks Week that These webinars will highlight and educate people about the different initiatives/activities that urban parks around the world are involved in.