World Parks
April 28th to May 5th

World Parks Week 2024 offers us a platform to demonstrate our engagement
with urban green spaces and to honor the large parks that are the 
keystones of our communities

The week is organized to:

Encourage community involvement in urban parlands.

Highlight urban parks as ecosystems supporting diverse life. 

Showcase the synergy between urban development and natural spaces.

About this edition

World Parks Week 2024 focuses on large urban parks and their manifold
advantages. This year´s theme underscores large urban parks´
pivotal role in community enhacement, health, and social cohesion.

This subject can be developed in different areas, some
of them are:



Large Urban Pars are not just patches 
of nature but vital components that 
bolster environmental resilience,
enhance biodiversity and serve as cultural heritage sites. They are catalysts for community engagement that bring people together. This theme serves to honor large urban parks!



hese parks serve as natural sanctuaries, providing a serene escape from urban stress. They offer pathways for exercise, spaces for meditation, and landscapes that promote relaxation. Furthermore, they play a significant role in purifying our air, delivering fresh breaths amid bustling city life.



Highlighting the role of large urban 
parks in linking diverse elements of 
urban living. Bridging cultural gaps and 
nurturing community relationships 
across the urban landscape.


World Urban Parks intends to work with the following World Urban Parks Advocacy Committees to create and share resources that support and advocate for the importance and significance of World Parks Week and urban parks: These resources will be material that promote the benefit of parks from the benefit of their committees.

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Be part of Parks Week!

World Urban Parks will provide partners with resources to help promote World Parks Week. These resources will include a social media package that can be used for promotion leading up to and during World Parks Week. Partners will advocate and promote World Parks Week to their members and audiences.

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World Urban Parks is looking to incorporate webinars, podcast, and discussion forums during World Parks Week. These activities will highlight and educate people about the different initiatives that urban parks around the world are involved in.

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